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  • 7 Montessori-inspired Toys for Babies and Toddlers

    The Montessori method is a marvelous way to teach children. It allows children to better learn problem-solving skills and boost their self-esteem more effectively than most other learning methods. You can even start teaching children with the Montessori learning before they are in school with toys for babies. There are many different toys out there that are Montessori approved for different age groups. Certain Montessori toys will provide different lessons and skills through play, trial and error, and feeling a sense of control. Entertainment will come naturally with these toys.

  • The 7 Best Sensory Toys for Babies and Toddlers 2022

    Sensory play helps your little ones explore and learn about the world around them. Sensory toys are beneficial for all ages and abilities, which will encourage the development of their five senses in a fun way. You can use sensory toys to stimulate creativity, attune gross motor skills, and increase participation and turn-taking. The key is to analyze each toy’s properties and find the one that best matches your child’s interests.
  • The Best Dinosaur Toys and Gifts for Kids | Dinosaur Lovers Gift Guide

    If you know how to pronounce Archaeopteryx, chances are you have a dinosaur-obsessed child at home. Even though they’re extinct, children seem to be drawn to these mysterious creatures from a bygone era like moths to a fly. It goes without saying then, that dinosaur gifts remain a go-to for a lot of parents with kids who have birthdays coming up. Are you looking for the perfect gift for young children who love dinosaurs? If so, this is a collection of the best dinosaur gifts for kids are great options for children ages from 6 Months - up to 8 years old.

  • Fun Activities For Kids To Play On The Beach

    Whether you're visiting a nearby lake or tropical ocean, kids love spending the day at the beach. There’s nothing that says summer like a day at the beach. When you think of a trip to the beach, you think of lying in the warm sun and feeling the beautiful breeze from the ocean while enjoying a good book and frozen margarita making sure you have enough sunscreen, toys, games, snacks, drinks, and entertainment to keep your children happy. Here are our list of fun activities and beach games to keep your kids entertained.
  • Hahaland 2 in 1 Sippy Cups Using Instruction

    Why Choose Hahaland Sippy Cups 2 In 1 with Spout & Straw?
    * 2 in 1 Function: 2 types of pacifiers of cup: The soft spout is similar to a pacifier for 6-12 months beginners sipping without resistance; The straw cups is suitable for 8months to drink water while biting the valve.
    * Food-Grade Material: Made of ultra-durable TRITAN material that is BPA-free, non-toxic, which is very healthy for the baby to use. Both spout and straw are made of food-grade soft flex silicone, which is proof to bite and pull.

  • Happy Father's Day Coloring Pages & Printables

    Father’s Day will be here before you know it. Every dad deserves a sweet card on his big day. We have prepared some easy free printables for your sweet little one to create their own cards in minutes—and without the hefty price tag. Check out the below Father’s Day cards, coloring pages and more!
  • Resources for First-time Mom - Hahaland

    So you’re expecting! You’re exhausted, but so happy, right?  There’s so much to do, a lot of planning involved, and tons of supplies you need to collect. Whether it’s your first or your fifth child, when a new baby is born it can leave you asking lots of questions.  We’ve prepared some Trusted Resources to help you get your baby on the right path.

  • FREE "We Are Family" Coloring Pages

    There’s Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, even Children’s Day in some countries around the world. But what about a Family Day -  a day where we can celebrate and appreciate all members of the family in one wonderful day? Well, there is a day for that, too, and it’s called International Day of Families. It’s held May 15th every year, and is a great way to celebrate our own families and families around the world. Happy International Day of Families!
  • Free Printable Mother's Day Coloring Cards and Story Paper

    May is finally here, and it’s time to celebrate all the moms out there! These lovely women do their best to make their families feel loved and wel...
  • Whether to Start Baby Sign Language Or Not

    Baby Sign Language that Parents Should Know Baby sign language has recently exploded in popularity, but is it really beneficial? It is often recom...
  • Summer Activities For Toddlers & Preschoolers

    Summer is coming! Don’t let your kids get kind lazy and whiny this summer! Get moving and be creative for summer fun. This summer will be full of play and memory making for the entire family with all these fun things to do! Here are some fun summer activities to do with your preschoolers and toddlers.
  • Make Introducing Solid Food To Your Baby Easier

    Starting your baby on solid is one of the most exciting (if messy) milestones of your baby’s first year. But it’s also extremely overwhelming. You’ve got the baby lead weaning approach, where you just give them pureed food only initially. And then you've got an approach where it kind of combines the two. Here are 6 common mistakes that parents are make when they’re introducing solids to their baby, which will make mealtime so much harder than it needs to be.