Summer Activities For Toddlers & Preschoolers

Summer is coming! Don’t let your kids get kind lazy and whiny this summer! Get moving and be creative for summer fun. This summer will be full of play and memory making for the entire family with all these fun things to do!


Here are some fun summer activities to do with your preschoolers and toddlers.

1. Water Painting The Driveway

sidewalk water painting

Grab a bucket of water or just fill a little bit of a kiddie pool, get some paint brushes and use the water to paint the driveway or sidewalk. The best thing about this is that there is no mess and any aged kid can do it. This easy, quick water activity is the perfect way to spend a hot summer morning.

2. Roll Down Some Balls From The Slide

play ball from the slide

You can get some balls, like marbles, bouncy balls, ping pong balls or golf balls, but you could also use bigger ones. You'll need those and a container, like a shoe box. Then take them to the top of the slide and roll them down. They can either roll them down and the other kid if they have multiples catch them in a bucket. This will keep kids entertained for 1-2 hours. If you are doing it in grass, make sure to count how many balls you send down at a time so that you know if you've lost some or not. Besides, it's a whole other game to try to find the balls in the grass or wherever they might have landed so this could be a really two or three part game here.

3. Paint And Wash Outdoor Toy

paint the outdoor car car wash game

The next activity is to grab some washable markers and get any kind of outdoor toy, like a coupe car/vehicle. So your kids could color this as much as they wanted. Kids are really enjoy doing this and then once they were done with their masterpiece and getting it all dirty. You can give them a bucket of water with some sponges or washcloths and they will have a little car wash.


4. Nature Cutting

cut the leave

You can give your little one a Tupperware container and a pair of scissors. Then you can have them go outside and pick leaves, clover, weeds or flowers and put it in their Tupperware bowl. After that, you can set them up at the table with a plate and some scissors. Let they cut up all the little thin clippings that they had found and picked and cut them up into small pieces.

So simple not many supplies needed at all and provide a lot of learning and entertainment for your little ones.

5. Ice Painting

ice painting

Ice painting is an especially good activity for a really hot day. All you need is some paint or you can use watercolor and some ice cubes. Y our kid can use their paint and paint the ice cubes.

6.  Find The Treasure

find the treasure game

For this activity, you can use a sandbox, a garden bed or patch of dirt. You can get some shells or action figures, then bury a couple throughout the sandbox. And let your kids go through and try to find all the hidden objects in which they called treasures.

7. Sprinkler Play

draw yourself

This is another awesome activity for a hot day! You can get your kids some markers and let them draw all over themselves. Get them nice and mercury, and then send them outside. Use a sprinkler and done sprinkler play. But when you have a newborn, you let them get where they're going so they got in the pool splashed around. And try to scrub off all their marker.

8. Sponge Transferring

sponge transfer

You can use 1 bowls or bucket, fill one up with water, give your little one a sponge. Then have them try to transfer all the water to the other one using only the sponge. This is the perfect activity to bring outside on a hot day. You can even use ice or other transferring tools too.

Hope that these activities help you keep your little ones entertained in the heat this summer.


Items you might need for kiddo summer play!

Kiddo Inflatable pool
 kiddo pool
Beach Sand Toy
beach sand water toys
Washable Painting Kit
finger painting kids toy kit
Sensory Balls
sensory balls for kids
Water Painting Flashcards
water painting toddler flashcards

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