Fun Activities For Kids To Play On The Beach

Whether you're visiting a nearby lake or tropical ocean, kids love spending the day at the beach. There’s nothing that says summer like a day at the beach. When you think of a trip to the beach, you think of lying in the warm sun and feeling the beautiful breeze from the ocean while enjoying a good book and frozen margarita making sure you have enough sunscreen, toys, games, snacks, drinks, and entertainment to keep your children happy. Here are our list of fun activities and beach games to keep your kids entertained.

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#1. Collect Seashells

Grab a bucket and go on a little hunt for seashells! Look for them in the sand and on the shore, see how many different colours, different sizes and different types of shells you can find and your toddler can later decorate or use in sensory play at home.

#2. Build a Sand Castle

There’s nothing better than a good old sand castle. Every kids love building one with different shapes - the perfect use for those shovel-pail and other assortment of beach toys. Be sure to pack little figurines (princesses, dragons, etc.) and make the castle come to life!

#3. Make Ocean Pools

It’d be a really fun activity to make ocean pools for those who enjoy the calming sensory experience of pouring and sifting water and sand on the beach. The simple idea here is to dig a small hole and have your child fill it with buckets of water. They will enjoy the repetitive motions of pouring and playing with water and can add some more excitement by mixing rocks and seaweed to the pools for pretend play cooking. (This shovel set is perfect for an activity like this!)

#4. Hunt for Footprints

Go barefoot and make footprints in the sand and then follow other footprints that you find. You might see bird tracks or dog paw tracks or different shoe or feet sizes.

#5. Write in the Sand

Teach your kids their ABCs as they roll around in the sand! There are so many ways to have fun with this activity: use your feet to write out the different letters and have your child mimic you; use your fingers to practice writing their name and have your child trace the letters with their fingers; or use sticks as a writing implement!

#6. Fly a kite

It’s often breezy at the beach and there’s plenty of room to run to get the kite lifted, so bring a kite and enjoy flying it. Just be sure to hold on tight to the string, as the wind can often lift the kite higher, and tug the string from little hands. Younger kids will probably need some help from adults.

#7. Play a Ball Game

Sometimes the simplest games can be the most fun. Tossing a beach ball is a classic beach game that kids of ALL ages will love. Simply grab an inflatable beach ball and let your kids toss it around in the air. You can start with a basic 2-player game or get the whole family involved for a volleyball game.

#8. Seashell Races

Each person finds a seashell, then everyone lines their seashell right at the water’s edge where the waves lap up on the beach, when the next wave comes in, whoever’s shell moves the farthest wins.

#9. Paint rocks (and shells)

Bring along a few markers (Sharpies work best, so this one is ideal for the older kids) to the beach and have your kids add their own flair to gathered shells or rocks. You can join the movement of hiding them for other families or take them home as souvenirs.

#10. Have a family picnic

All of these fun things to do at the beach are exhausting and you’ll need to recharge. Packing lunch? Bring a blanket and eat picnic-style! You’ll get sand in your sandwiches and spill your juice but hey that’s the joy of eating a picnic at the beach.

#11. Bury Feet in Sand

It’s not recommended any more to bury people up to their necks in sand but you can bury your Mum or Dad or sibling’s (or even your own feet) in the sand

#12. Fill a Bucket Relay Race

You’ll need two teams and two buckets. Each team has to run down to the water one at a time and carry back water in their hands to try to fill the bucket before the next person goes. First team to fill their bucket wins.

#13. Swimming Fishy

Sometimes kids just want to sit by the water’s edge and wait for the waves to come rushing in. A fun game for those shore-hangers is what we call “swimming fishy”. Your toddler can pretend he/she is a fishy (facing towards or away from the water) by kicking their legs (tail) while they sit at whatever water level they’re most comfortable in.

#14. Have a limbo contest

It's a game that was invented on the beach! Use a long stick, an umbrella pole or even a jump rope—then add music. The only thing that'll be missing is a drink with a little umbrella.

#15. Put on some music and have a dance party!

There's nothing more fun and refreshing than have a bonfire beach party. It’s so relaxing to eat a fireside dinner on the sand and stare at the most beautiful, serene ocean.

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