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  • 7 Montessori-inspired Toys for Babies and Toddlers

    The Montessori method is a marvelous way to teach children. It allows children to better learn problem-solving skills and boost their self-esteem more effectively than most other learning methods. You can even start teaching children with the Montessori learning before they are in school with toys for babies. There are many different toys out there that are Montessori approved for different age groups. Certain Montessori toys will provide different lessons and skills through play, trial and error, and feeling a sense of control. Entertainment will come naturally with these toys.

  • Make Introducing Solid Food To Your Baby Easier

    Starting your baby on solid is one of the most exciting (if messy) milestones of your baby’s first year. But it’s also extremely overwhelming. You’ve got the baby lead weaning approach, where you just give them pureed food only initially. And then you've got an approach where it kind of combines the two. Here are 6 common mistakes that parents are make when they’re introducing solids to their baby, which will make mealtime so much harder than it needs to be.

  • How To Teach Your Baby To Stand Up?

    According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) , baby will generally begin trying to stand on their own at around 9 to 12 months. They will learn to pull to stand using furniture. Pull to stand is a skill! Practice makes perfect. Try not to feel concerned about delay standing, some gentle encourage is required and provide more fun, safe and supportive opportunities to practice. Below are some simple Tips that you can do with your baby at home, which will help them develop the strength and coordination needed to get themselves up off the floor. Your baby can learn this vital skill and get one step closer to taking their first step.

  • Teach Your Baby and Toddlers with Flash Cards

    Flashcard learning is quite a popular way for parents or teachers introducing children to new words, images or concept. It’s an easy at-home teaching method because flashcards are portable, efficient and versatile. We tend to take different approach to learning(teaching) at different ages. At a young age, children need more playful elements, let them learn through play. We can introduce them to children in fun and exciting ways!

  • What are the developmental milestone 0 to 12 months?

    As a first-time mom, I’m always wondering what to expect on my baby’s first year of his life and how to know if his development is on target.

    I learned that achieving early developmental milestones is absolutely critical for my little ones. Throughout the first 6 months, he will develop the ability to hold their own head up, roll over, grasp items and manipulate objects, sit independently, begin to communicate, and much more… Each of these skills are vital building blocks on the path towards crawling, standing, walking, talking, eating independently, drawing, writing and many other vital life skills.

  • How To Help Your Baby Learn To Crawl?

    Crawling is such an exciting milestone for most newborns and a really important one too. Studies have suggested that around 50% of babies will start crawling at eight months of age. It is one of those skills that is so different depending on the baby. Some babies start calling it four and a half months or five months, and other babies don't crawl until nine months, so it can be anywhere on the spectrum and everything is completely normal. Below are some tips to support your baby as they explore movement through crawling. Basically it’ll work on shoulder strength, core strength, hip strength and some coordination and hopefully with all of these tips, your baby will be able to get on their way to crawling as well.

  • Baby Tummy Time Tips and Tricks

    Tummy time strengthens neck and upper body muscles, lower back muscles and hips and legs. It gives the opportunity to work on skills of rolling. It’s through tummy time that a baby learns to firstly shift their weight from one side to the other and then roll over. Practicing tummy time helps babies develop the muscles necessary to lift their heads and, eventually, to sit up, crawl and walk. Belly time while he is awake also helps him maintain a round head shape.
  • How To Get Your Baby Sleep Through The Night?

    With a baby on the way, or perhaps just arrived, you have probably been warned about the sleepless nights in your near future. Every parent knows that sleep deprivation is just part of the package. A good night's sleep through the night for your baby translates into a well-rested night for you as well.
    For 2-month-old babies, we can't really or don't recommend doing any sort of official sleep training because they're just too young. It's not until your baby is five to six months old that the majority of babies really develop the ability to learn to settle themselves to sleep.

  • How To Improve Hand Eye Coordination

    When talking about “hand eye coordination”, you might think of catching and throwing. And it’s most often talked about in reference to sports. But they are not the only ones! Every time you see an object, reach for itgrasp and control itfill a cup and much more, you’re using hand eye coordination. Researchers shows that the process of building hand-eye coordination starts when children are babies, and the ability become more refined and controlled as children grow. Before we learn how to Improve help children improve Hand Eye Coordination, let’s find out what it is, when to develop first.

  • Baby Toys For Development and Stimulation by Months

    We know that as a first-time mom, you’re trying to read all the articles and know all the things. You learned that when it comes to childhood deve...
  • The Best Sippy Cup That Your Kids Love To Drink From

    When choosing a sippy cup for a baby or toddler, there’re so many factors to consider in making the best decision. Do not stress too much about this. We've got your back! It's usually smarter - and cleaner - to choose a sippy cup designed for the transitional phase. Below is what we considered when choosing sippy cups for your baby or toddler

  • Newborn Toys You Need for Baby's First Year

    Baby’s first year is an exciting time for both little one and parents. Embracing parenthood is a riveting journey because of responsibility it brings with it. But don’t devote extra time to researching and picking up new toys. They’ve got the whole world around them to explore. We’ve listed some of the entertaining and educational infant toys to help your baby keep learning and growing.