How To Help Your Baby Learn To Crawl?

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Crawling is such an exciting milestone for most newborns and a really important one too. Did you know that crawling is linked to brain development, coordination and basically anything that uses both sides of the brain, like getting dressed, playing sports, anything like that?

It's also linked to memory retention, handwriting skills, the ability to locate objects in three dimensions and so many other benefits way more than I just mentioned.

I know there’re a few babies out there who will walk before they crawl, but crawling is a really important skill, so I encourage every baby to try to do it.

Studies have suggested that around 50% of babies will start crawling at eight months of age. It is one of those skills that is so different depending on the baby. Some babies start calling it four and a half months or five months, and other babies don't crawl until nine months, so it can be anywhere on the spectrum and everything is completely normal.

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There are some signs that your baby might be getting there or getting ready to crawl. Even if they're showing some of these signs, it could still be a couple months until they actually are crawling.

Some of those signs are things like pivoting on their belly if they can - turn to one side or the other scooching backwards. If you notice they are in a different spot than they were when you put them down or even inching forward on their belly like an inchworm type or swimming planking rocking on their hands and knees creeping forward and even like an army crawl where they just use their arms and don't use their legs. Those are all signs that crawling might be coming very soon.

Below are some tips to support your baby as they explore movement through crawling. Basically it’ll work on shoulder strength, core strength, hip strength and some coordination and hopefully with all of these tips, your baby will be able to get on their way to crawling as well.

1.Give Your Baby A Lot Of Tummy Time

“Back to sleep, tummy to play”, give your baby many plenty of tummy time when they’re awake and under your your careful watch. Practicing Tummy Time will help develop the muscles necessary to lift their heads and, eventually, to sit up, crawl and walk.

For newborn, it’s recommended to start 2-3 times each day for about 3-5 minutes each time. Gradually, increasing each tummy time session to 10 minutes, 4 to 5 times a day as they’re getting older and stronger.

You could also do some side lying play because which will really facilitate working all of these important muscle groups you'll just lay them on the ground on their side with a toy and allow them to do this . you'll put a towel behind them if they begin rolling backwards onto their back you'll put a touch rolled towel or something behind them in order that they stay side lying.

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2.Encourage To Play With babies’ Hands Elevated

Prop him up by placing a nursing pillow or a towel (or other firm cushion) during tummy time. You can also encourage them to place their hands onto elevated objects (e.g., furniture or stuffied toys) while they're sitting down.

3.Put a Mirror In Front Of Your Baby

Put a mirror ahead of your baby and let them play in front of it. Baby will become so curious and want to investigate the reflection, which will lead to holding themselves up and reaching out toward the mirror. These movements will help get your baby crawling in no time!

4.Encourage Them To Reach And Grab a Toy

Toys can be another great motivators in addition to a mirror. You could place your baby’s favorite toys or a brand new one slightly out of reach and ensure they will have to move around and grab it. If it’s too far, they’re just not even going to try and get frustrated. When your baby start to reach out, it provides the opportunity to strengthen upper body muscles reauired for crawling.

When your baby start to crawl, some cute crawling toys will encourage baby to crawl after them which will help them practice the ability of crawling and strengthen their muscles which will help them to walk. 

crawl to reach and grab a toy

5.Don’t Spend Too Much Time In Supportive Devices

Supportive devices like high chair, stroller, car seat and walker provide so much support that your little one isn’t forced to use theri muscles. So spending too much time in supportive devices mighe lead to delayed development.

6.Lift Your Baby Off the ground

It’s all about strenthening babies’ pint-sized muscles when getting them ready to crawl even walk. You can give your little one a leg workout by lifting them off the ground just a bit by picking your baby up by the arms or armpits. Not such a lot but their feet leave the bottom, which will allow your baby to practive the motor of walking and help strengthen their legs.

7.Practice And Get Used To Crawling Position

Let your baby practice and get used to the crawling position by lying next to your baby and supporting their abdomen while they are on all fours. Allowing your babies’ hands and feet to touch the ground will let them get familiar with the feeling and movements of crawling. 

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8.Set Up a Good Example For You Baby

Get on the floor and set up a good example for your little one to follow. Make crawling around part of playing with your baby, and after a while,  they might end up imitating what you're doing! If you an older child, that’s even better. Just be sure to keep a close watch on both kids. Getting together with other moms and babies for playtime is also another good idea.

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9.Be Patient With The Crawling Practices

Your baby needs to have positive associations with tummy time and crawling practice! If you little one becomes agitated or starts crying during playtime. Don’t force your baby to do it. Just put them on their backs, hold and rock them, or let them get some relax. Another tip is to give your little one lots of affection after crawling exercises.

10.Give Your Baby A Massage

Giving your baby a massage could help your baby’s muscles grow big and strong. It has so much benefits like reducing gas in colicky infants and promoting a healthy immune system. when it comes to your baby crawling, regular massages can help because they move your baby's muscles and get the blood flowing, as well as increase your baby's awareness of their body's position and movement.


Below are some recommendations when choosing baby toys that encourage crawling: 

Musical Dino Toy


musical dino toy

Press and Go Caterpillar Toy


musical crawling toy

Hip Hop Duck Toy


hip hop duck toy

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