How To Teach Your Baby To Stand Up?

How To Teach Your Baby To Stand Up?

When your baby has mastered the art of sitting and crawling, he/she will be so eager to pull themselves up into standing. Once your baby learns how to stand up, your little one will start to play in standing, then cruise along furniture and finally walk.

When to expect standing?

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) , baby will generally begin trying to stand on their own at around 9 to 12 months. They will learn to pull to stand using furniture. Pull to stand is a skill! Practice makes perfect. Try not to feel concerned about delay standing, some gentle encourage is required and provide more fun, safe and supportive opportunities to practice.

Below are 3 simple tips that you can do with your baby at home, which will help them develop the strength and coordination needed to get themselves up off the floor. Your baby can learn this vital skill and get one step closer to taking their first step.

 How To Teach Your Baby To Stand Up?

How To Teach Your Baby To Stand Up?

TIP#1  Encouraging Your Baby To Crawl Over And Kneel At Low Objects

You can place your cushions from the couch on the floor or some toy boxes that are quite low. And encourage your little one to crawl over to them by placing some enticing toys on top, and then they will crawl over to them and place their hands on the cushion or the box and take some weight through their legs.

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You should encourage your little one to crawl over and go into that kneeling position on furniture or cushions rather than you. It’s because when they crawl over to us as parents and they put their hands on our legs, we tend to help them through the movement. So we might help them get into that high kneeling position, or we might pull them completely up into standing. And what that does is essentially stops your little one from having to switch on the muscles required to complete that movement, and they're a bit passive in the movement range.

TIP#2  Increase The Height Of Surface

As your child gets stronger in this position, you can increase the height of the item that they're encouraged to crawl up to and kneel on. And that means that they're taking more weight through their legs.

If the lounges are simply too high, your child won't even put their arms up on the lounge and go into kneeling, you can place two cushions on the ground on top of each other, and just ensure that they don't move around. Then place that enticing toy onto the cushions so that your little one will crawl over to them, place their hands on those cushions and bring themselves up into higher kneeling.

While you little one is continuing to get stronger, you can start to help your little one to pull up into standing from your lap. When you’re sitting on the floor with your little one, you can sit directly in front of either a low coffee table or a lounge. You can remove those cushions so it’s at a better height for your little one. And you can place a toy onto that surface.

How To Teach Your Baby To Stand Up?

Your little one is sitting on your lap so that their knees and hips are bent, but their feet are flat on the ground, and they’re positioned behind their knees. You can encourage your little one to reach out to grab that toy or to hold one to that piece of furniture.

You can place your hands on either side of their hip and move their hip forward and up as they straighten their legs and come into standing. And you can keep your hands there to provide them with additional support in standing. You will soon see your little one crawling over to coffee tables and couches and placing their hands up onto them, trying to pull themselves up into standing.

TIP#3  Help Them Pull Up Into Standing From Kneeling

You can help your little one learn this movement by giving them some additional support. How you would do that is when your little one crawls over to those surfaces, or if they're not yet crawling, you just place them beside those surfaces, so that they're up in kneeling, and you place their hands onto the couch if it isn't already there.

Once their hands are onto the couch or the coffee table, you can place one of your hands around your child’s lower leg. Your hand can gently guide them to move that leg forward so that they come into half kneeling.

You can apply downward pressure with that hand that is holding that leg. And then with your other hand, you can gently push underneath their bottom, so you push in an upwards direction. And that will assist your little one to go from that half kneeling position up into standing. And you’re giving them that additional support to get through that movement.

How To Teach Your Baby To Stand Up?

Your baby, once they learn this movement pattern, will soon be able to develop further strength in this and then do this movement, pulling themselves up into standing all by themselves.

Now, try not to be alarmed. Once your little one has learned to pull themselves up into standing, they are going to fall down from that position quite a lot. Because learning the skill to go smoothly from standing to the floor is actually something that they develop in the coming months.

So, they will be falling down quite a lot, but it doesn't tend to hurt them at all. Just make sure the environment is relatively safe, that when they do fall, they're not going to hurt themselves.

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These are really simple things that you can do with your little one to teach them the skill to pull themselves up into standing and get them one step closer to walking. Hope the above tips could help!

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