Hahaland 2021 Holiday Gift Guide

Are you looking for a gift for your kids that you want to end up at the back of a cluttered, dusty closet? Perhaps something they’ll use just once or twice? Or maybe something that won’t even make it out of the packaging?

No way, right?!

Well, you’ve landed in the right place. Here’s a gift guide from HAHALAND! Not only will these toys elicit wide eyes and squeals of joy upon opening, but they’ll also be the ones they return to play with for long time. Whether you’re shopping for Thanksgiving, Christmas, or birthdays, we have the best gifts for you to choose.

Baby Rattle Teething Toys With Box   (SHOP NOW)


For babies 3–6 months old
FUN FEATURE: different grips and shapes, different sounds
SKILLS: fine motor skills, touch, smell, and taste skill, sensory experiences, eye-tracking, fine motor skills hand-eye coordination

These 10pcs bright colored teethers and rattles have different grips and shapes to help your baby enhance fine motor skills. They providing teething relief for your baby, can also help little ones hit developmental milestones like reaching, grasping and shaking. The textures help the baby develop touch, smell, and taste skill. The different sound of the rattles will enhance the baby’s sensory experiences, colors, and eye-tracking.

Babies like the sounds they make and follow the moving rattles with their eyes and try to grab and hold them, which encourage the development of fine motor skills. Our HAHALAND rattle teething toys also encourage hand-eye coordination, while providing comfort and fun at the same time!

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Sensory Balls Baby Toys Multicolor 7 Pcs


Dancing Musical Toys Hip-Hop Swing Duck  (SHOP NOW)


For Toddler 6+ months old
FUN FEATURE: walking, talking, singing and dancing, hip-pop mode and touch sensing mode
SKILLS: stimulate imagination, body movement

Introducing… the HAHALAND Walking, Talking, Singing and Dancing Musical Hip Hop Duck is an interactive musical toy that will help stimulate your toddlers’ imagination and body movement. Fun interactive talk helps child learn language and to express. Hip-pop dance with various music and melodies keep your litter one entertained for hours, as well as encourages babies' body movement and stimulate muscle development when imitating duck dance. It has different musical sounds to entertain your toddler for hours. It sings, talks, jives, and dances.

The Swing Duck features two ways to play, with hip-pop mode and touch sensing mode. It helps keep your little one busy with exciting interactive play! Stimulate babies’ language development when imitating duck dance & talk. The fact that it is not only a musical toy but also an educational toy makes it the best gift.

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Baby Toys Musical Press And Go Inchworm Toy


Piano Drum Set Educational Musical Toys  (SHOP NOW)


For Toddler 12+ months old
FUN FEATURE: diversified modes for kids to recognize numbers, colors and animals, with music and song mode, diversified models
SKILLS: dexterity and hand-eye coordination, language acquisition, reading skills and improve mathematical learning

HAHALAND Piano Drum Playset Toys is not only equipped with different musical instruments, but also come with diversified modes for kids to recognize numbers, colors and animals. It will also improve their dexterity and hand-eye coordination. This musical piano set has 5 modes and the electronic xylophone has 4 modes. The upgrading buttons with sensitive touch is easier for kids to play. The lovely and colorful button design that attracts your budding musician and encourage your baby to play. It is very cool that the drum will light up when you hit it.

Musical experiences in childhood can accelerate brain development, particularly in language acquisition, reading skills and improve mathematical learning. It helps improve creativity, musical potential.

More Musical Toys Gift Choices:
Rainbow Stacking Cups With Lights Sounds
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Infant Toys Baby Toys 3-6 Months


Race Tracks Car Adventure Toys Playsets  (SHOP NOW)

 pic1@barbarabraga85  pic2@coletteplaytime

For Pre-schooler 3+ years old
FUN FEATURE: comprehension training, fun colors, creative design
SKILLS: motor skills, problem solving and hand-eye coordination, build reflexes and strategy

HAHALAND race track car adventure toy is fun and good for comprehension training in young kiddos. Exciting car track with cooperation game brings more joys than traditional single track for kids. Guide the toy cars through the obstacle and pass 8 challenges, which added racing fun and is great for training and improving kids’ motor skills, problem solving and hand-eye coordination. This little playset also can help build reflexes and strategy. Its fun colors, simple use, and creative design will hold kids’ attention forever. There are 6 buttons to controlling and pass different challenges, which help kids learn cause and effect.

More Gift Choices for 3+ Year Old:
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Wooden Blocks With Puzzle Mat Storage Bag
10 Pack Pull Back Sound Toy Cars Trucks

Buying a toy for a baby or kid isn’t as simple as just walking down a toy aisle and picking something that features one of their favorite characters. Instead, you buy for your child has to be mindfully chosen based on safety, where the child is developmentally, and whether or not the toy gives them opportunities to explore. Hope you can buy great gifts for your kids. 

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