Easter Basket Ideas For Kids - Toys for all ages

Happy Eatser Day Basket Toys idea

Easter baskets are the Christmas stockings of spring. With Easter Day approaching, are you still wondering how to fill the Eatser Basket with a mix of delightful surprises and practical goodies without overspending?  We've rounded up some of our favorite Toys to fill your Easter Backet for your little ones.

Easter Basket Ideas For Kids - Toys for all ages

Baby Rattle Teether Set

rattle teether toys SHOP NOW

Baby Dino Crawling Toy

dino crawling baby toy

Carrot Wooden Toy

Carrot wooden toy

Montessori Busy Book

montessorri busy book

Suction Spinner Toy

baby suction Spinner Toy

Baby Airless Float

airless baby float

Finger Painting Kit

finger painting kit

Toddler Flash Cards

toddler flash cards

Beach Sand Toy

beach sand toy

Musical Bubble Camera

musical bubble machine

Cake Dough Set

cake dough set

3 in 1 Take Apart Robot

3 in 1 take apart robot

Magnetic Stick Set

magnetic sticks toy

Growing Dino Eggs

growing dino eggs

Jigsaw Puzzles Dino Easter Eggs

Dinosaur Jigsaw Puzzle

Naitonal Park Monster Calendar

national park calendar

RC Airplane

RC airplane


Hope these ideas were helpful! If you have any other Easter Basket “staples” in your family, we’d love to hear about them below!!

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